Healthy Ways, Healthy Days

Small habits create lifelong Super Habits

Weight loss, exercise, proper sleep, proper diet, life and work balance are all general "Super Habits" we strive for. This month, we share local resources and the small things you can do as you begin a health improvement plan.

  • Coping with Chemo

    - Three survivors and their doctors offer advice

    The stories of three survivors of cancer. They offer ways of coping with the side effects of the treatments that saved their lives. Plus a list of local resources.

  • Sports Injuries

    - New techniques overcome onetime career-enders

    Many injured Clark County athletes have come back to compete and accomplish lifelong competition goals. Here's a look at five local athletes that returned to their sport after new surgical techniques and treatment. Plus checklists of what do do immediately after an injury.

  • Single New Moms

    - Navigating the resources available

    Single mothers face a maze of program changes and diminishing resources for their baby's health. We chart the public and private organizations available in a challenging economy. Plus advice from five local pediatricians on the most important things to remember to keep babies healthy.