Whites work magic in omelet

Leaving aside anything made with powdered eggs (which don’t really count as eggs in my book), I’ve never met an egg dish I didn’t like. But at the tippy top of my list of favorites is the edible magic trick known as the souffled omelet.

Teriyaki & Noodles stands out among competition

Many of the major shopping areas of Clark County offer a fast-casual teriyaki restaurant, which provides an alternative to the fast food chains that also dot the landscape.

U.S. bacon prices rise after virus kills baby pigs

MILWAUKEE —A virus never before seen in the U.S. has killed millions of baby pigs in less than a year, and with little known about how it spreads or how to stop it, it's threatening pork production and pushing up prices by 10 percent or more.

Dining Out on Pinterest

Looking for a place to eat in Clark County? Try our Dining Map on Pinterest where you can find many of the restaurants we've reviewed in our Dining Out section in Friday's Weekend publication.